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The first café with Braille menu in Trikala

Among the dozens of bad news we hear and read everyday, there are some good news that stand out. Two businessmen in Trikala decided to take action, providing for visually impaired people: In their shop, "The Love Shake," the catalog will now be available in braille form.It is the first retail store in Trikala that uses the writing and reading code of the blind on its catalog, giving the opportunity to those who do not see to choose what they want, without the waiter or some escort.The two businessmen, Christos Kougioutas and Spyros Grigorakis, are very satisfied with their choice as well as with the reactions of the world. And why not? This move not only opens the road to social equality and integration but also gives an excellent example to all businesses. Also in the shop are WC disabled and elevator.Catalogs in braille have occasionally been used in other areas, such as Larissa and Kavala

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