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European Award for SEATRAC

SEATRAC was built to act as an auxiliary utility which can be used by persons with kinetic disabilities or otherwise caused limited mobility, in order to facilitate their access to the sea. The main notion behind its creation was to give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a simple leisure activity, such as swimming, completely unassisted. SEATRAC is basically composed by a fixed track mechanism in which a wheel chair can be moved in and out of the water. The wheel chair is connected to two heavy duty cables, one on each side. On the sea side these cables are routed through two free rotation pulleys whereas on the coast side the cables are routed through two pulleys that are connected on a rotation axis. The axis rotates via a gear reducer which is connected on a dc motor. Several other techniques, such as the application of a friction clutch, are implemented in order to ensure reliable and safe operation of Seatrac’s drive train without the usage of any tension mechanisms for the cables. SEATRAC’s utilizes solar energy as its only power source. A solar panel is used to charge a battery which provides all electrical components with the necessary power for their operation.

This approach makes SEATRAC a completely stand alone apparatus which does not depend on the grid for its operation and eliminates electricity related hazards. SEATRAC’s simple yet not simplistic design ensures simple operation by the end user. The device can be controlled by RF remote control, so no special training is required. SEATRAC’s installation does not have a permanent character. The device can be installed preferably during the early summer period and be uninstalled at the end of the summer. That in combination with its eco – friendly character means that the device does not, alter the environment or has any permanent effects on it. Seatrac is a work in progress. It is supported by a large number of colleagues and friends, who aspire to add something to the ensigns of a civilized society. A society which will provide every of its members with the same capabilities, without discriminating anyone.

Source: tobea.gr

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