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Facilities for disabled in Glyfada Beach

The Municipality of Glyfada placed in the city beach, a ramp in order to help disabled people enter in the sea. The system is known as "SEATRAC", an innovative mechanism for people with disabilities. The mechanism consists of two parallel rails, in which there is a seat that can be moved in and out of the sea. At the same time, next to the mechanism is placed a special passageway for wheelchairs, furthermore there is parking area for disabled people front of the beach. Trained staff is ready to provide any assistance. "Placing this mechanism, we provide to our fellow citizens with disabilities the opportunity enjoying the sea. Mayor of Glyfada George Papanikolaou said. "We invite all of our disabled citizens to enjoy swimming in Glyfada beach, without discrimination and exclusion". Our goal is to make all of our beaches accessible and welcoming to all." The main idea behind the creation is to give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy swimming without any assistance of any other people. These is non-permanent installation and it does not require any intervention in order to be placed in the coast, it is also an independent facility as well for its energy needs photovoltaic panels are used.

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