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Actions in order to improve the access for disabled people in Fanari beach

Actions in order to improve the access for people with disabilities in Fanari beach, along with the seatrack system administrators, will take place after the Municipality of Komotini has been contacted with the Disabled Association of Rodopi.  Already the Municipality of Komotini responded to a request, submitted by the Association of Regional Unity of Rodopi for the commitment of two disabled persons' parking places in the "Ioulia" beach and one on the main road in the village of Fanari. The committee has issued an opinion in favor of the request, the disabled persons will be selected from the already cleared parking spaces. Simultaneously with the definition of parking spaces, the surrounding area of ​​the beach will be improved in order to make it easier for people with disabilities to access and stay there. According to what the chairman of the Tryfonas Karounzos Association has made known, "we have asked the Municipality to place wooden corridors, better access to the beach chairs, a request that has been accepted and will be completed". It is also expected to place a platform with a sun shade next to the mechanism for staying disabled on the beach. All this is done in consultation with the Deputy Deputy Mayor Yannis Mourtidis, who confirmed in "X" "we have contacted Mr. Karounzos, with whom we started to place this year the special entrance machine for disabled people on Ioulia beach. a 15-day machine will be installed and there will be a chemical toilet for people with disabilities that will be connected to a corridor. " We seek year after year to improve the access point for people with disabilities on the beach, says Karounzos for an effort that began when the seatrack was first placed and continues this year with the above actions, while there are other suggestions on the table. One of these concerns the development of banana-like settlements accessible to people with disabilities. The aforementioned proposal has already been made known to the mayor of Komotini, who is positively speaking

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