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AccessibleDream-Προσβάσιμος Τουρισμός στην Ελλάδα

Accessible Beaches in Pieria

SEATRACK is placed at the beaches Neoi Poroi and Olympiaki Akti in Pieria. Kostas Dimopoulos, local mayor , spoke about "a municipality accessible for all, with equal opportunities, while Deputy Mayor of Katerini, Dimitris Douros, stated that" in the Municipality of Katerini, with respect to the daily needs of people with disabilities we ensure their accessibility to the coasts, we try our beaches to be open and hospitable to everyone. The 'SEATRAC' system energy-independent is made from durable marine materials and is intended to provide the ability to people with mobility limitations to access the sea independently. The location is selected by the Municipal Authority to allow unhindered access for disabled people and at the same time to be next to a lifeguard station.

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