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What about Paracanoe in Greece?

Paracanoe belongs το canoe-kayak and adress to persons with disabillities. It is divided in to 3 categories, depending on the gender and  the mobility limitation of each athlete. In Greece, it started in 2014 supported by EAOM AmeA, the national team took part in the 2015-2016 World Championships, furthermore in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games getting the possitions 14th, 15th and 9th, respectively.
The equipment required varies depending on the level of the disability of the athlete.
In Greece, there is only one fully equipped base for all forms of kinetic disabilities located at Plateia Nerou in Palaio Faliro. The coach supervises the trainees from a lifeboat giving an additional sense of security. Ideal water conditions for conducting paracanoe is the calmness without any air or ripples at the sea.

For more information, please contact the responsible coach Thanasis Giannopoulos at 6946968802

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